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Gunawan Jusuf's Advocacy for Water's Intrinsic Value

August 16, 2023

Gunawan Jusuf
During his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of the Indonesia-based Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf has played a pivotal role in driving substantial growth within the realm of sugar products. Many of these products have achieved household recognition in Indonesia, with Gulaku, a premium commercial sugar product, standing out as an iconic brand name known throughout the country.

For Gunawan Jusuf, whose business relies heavily on the accessibility of natural resources, the impetus to write and publish "Blue Gold" becomes evident. This insightful book offers a candid examination of the potential challenges facing the world concerning water availability, affirming water as our most critical and precious commodity. It underscores the imperative need to safeguard water as a valuable resource, acknowledging its indispensable role not only in sustaining human life but also in bolstering business operations.

The depth of Gunawan Jusuf's understanding of the water's significance is rooted in his extensive business background. As the leader of the Sugar Group Companies, he recognizes the indispensable role that water plays in the cultivation and production of their diverse array of sugar products. His astute insights and commitment to responsible resource management are instrumental in maintaining the Sugar Group Companies' operations and its continued success, further emphasizing the paramount importance of water preservation in the modern world.